Thursday, June 20, 2013

I apologize....

When I started this blog I thought it will be easy and I was going to update once a week at least. How wrong was I.

Its never easy putting in paper your feelings and fears. Even though I know that I only write for myself and that not many read this blog it is still intimidating.

When an inspiration hits me and I want to share it I never know how to start and then I just drift into dreamland and imagine that I have a blog like Carrie Bradshaw, where I write all my adventures and then it becomes a movie or a TV series- I don't really mind which.

But you see my life isn't that fabulous, I wouldn't say interesting because for me it is. My problem is no one else will care and maybe I am being paranoid, why should you care, but it will be nice to think that someone, anyone reads what I write and relates and cares.

Having said all that or better having written all that, how cliche, I would like to state that from now on I'll try to update once a month at least. I'll give you an inside of my life and I am doing. Like for example I am getting ready to go to the U.S. of A and I am very excited. I've been there before having family and all but I love travelling and I'll probably be visiting Canada as well so I can't wait.

I'll be writing to you.....