Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silence is gold......

You know what.....I hate people that give unnecessary advise...If I wanted your advise I would have asked....Sometimes silence is a gift....You don't need to fill it every single time of the day.....Use silence to think about your own faults and mistakes, don't criticise others....As MJ once said "Start with the man in the mirror" and if you can't find anything wrong then look again. You probably didn't take a close look.
When I feel the urge to give advise, I bite my tong. People don't always welcome it....If asked I try not to hurt any feelings but I only use the truth...I learnt that white lies don't necessarily make someone happier. Yes, if you tell the truth they will hurt but they will also learn. But don't manipulate that truth in your advantage...you give advise in order to make someone better, not to satisfy your own egotistical needs. Dip your tong in your brain before you use it...words hurt more than actions....If you hit someone the results are clear and they will heal, but if your words hurt you will probably never be aware of the pain you've caused...and believe me that pain takes time to heal.
What I also find somewhat wierd is the confidence of some that state that are great at giving advise. Really people? Really?
Giving advise is like driving a car....You will never be great at it...even if you are a Formula 1 driver. They do get things wrong!
So before you speak, think!