Sunday, January 1, 2012


First I would like to wish to every single one of you a Happy New Year!!May 2012 bring you happiness and health!But most of all may it brings you HOPE for life and the future!

I hope you have the strength and will to achieve what you've wished for. Don't worry if you haven't written any New Years resolutions.....too many promises on paper that most of the time we cannot keep. 

Just make it simple. 

Promise to love, to dream, to achieve and to be happy.
And promise to yourself that no matter how hard thinks will get and if they get hard, you will shed one tear and then you will hold your head high and march. Maybe you'll have to march to the unknown but that's the beauty of life. 

Stop lingering in the Past. Embrace your Present. And welcome the Future.

Whether it will be good or not, is yours to live. So live it to the fullest.

Let your dreams take over you and make sure you believe in them. At some point, whether "now"or "later" they will come true.

Love, live, laugh....Laugh with everything but most of all laugh with yourself.

Make sure to believe in you.