Friday, July 15, 2011


I feel rage, I feel rage towards those who have been tearing this country, my country, apart. I feel rage towards those who so many years where sitting and enjoying their life, enjoying anything that the government offered them and they didn't feel the need to object or shout. Now they do, now they're shouting and cursing those who put them in an already overwhelmed public sector, just because now they need to step down. They shout because they cannot enjoy the otherwise illegal unemployment benefits.......Of course you shout and protest, of course the country is in deficit. Yes the governments that have been in charge the past years stole from you and from me. But you also steal, you stole from those that really needed the money, you were satisfied by the fact that you were employed in an organization that did not have a use for you. And when it did you weren't there to help and actually do what you were getting paid, from my money-from our money, to do.
So, now you protest and you curse and you wish you weren't such a jackass and had actually reacted earlier. 
I blame YOU. For letting it go to far, for not protesting earlier; like you're protesting now, for taking advantage of what THEY were doing for your own gain.
But mostly I blame ME. For putting my trust to YOU, for not letting you have a piece of my mind, for not shouting louder, for letting you do the same mistakes over and over and over again.

So, all the blame goes to me and to those that never voted for those that are and were in the government.

Forgive me for raging.....but it was overdue!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Breaking Down.....

This past two days have been critical for Greece and for the people here. The five-year austerity plan was voted by the parliament and difficult times are coming....So if you are a tourist please visit us, we need your dollars or your Yen or Yuan or even some of your Euros....
I will not claim I know everything there is to know about this plan. I have never been politically active-don't get me wrong I vote, I try that is..always choose the Environmentally friendly party- but I have never found a political party that can express my beliefs without trying to sell me bull* just so they can get a vote, so I will not try to be active in that part know. I find it wrong from my part and a joke. BUT, I have always been with the people, with those who have been struggling, not only know but the past 10 years. I have never liked the term politician because in my mind is synonim to liar, exploiter, cheat. And I am not just talking about Greek politicians, I am talking about every politician who has tried to take advantage of situations and get richer or avoid laws etc.
And yes I know, I shouldn't judge everyone and put them under the same spot but you see they've been doing exactly that to the people that have been protesting peacefully in downtown Athens. Just because some are stupid enough and they only want to destroy anothers property that doesn't mean that they should all be treated as animals and get beaten by the police force. Although, I know what I am about to say most of you will not like, but these police men that are facing all this protests are just scared and fed up. That's what I see at least. I DO NOT SUPPORT what they are doing. But some not all are just babies, others are just crazy and enjoy their power and most are just trying to get through like everyone else.
If we could just unite as people, as a country and face those who are trully to blame.....

I would like to apologize to those that I have offended...but like a friend told once we still have the right of free as long someones deprives of this freedom I will continue writing what I feel and think...


P.S: Sorry for any mistakes in my writing. :-)