Friday, May 6, 2011


You know when you're in High School and can't wait to graduate and go to college. You'll get to party and meet new people. Maybe start over cause you were the clown of your school or the nerd who had no friends or you're just going to continue being a self absorbed, self centered, close minded little nothing believing you are actually someone (Yes, there are people like that. More than you think). Then you go to college, some away from their parents, others still in their childhood bedroom, but either way we all go to college. And then.............BAAAAAMMMM.....Four years go by and it's Graduation day. Yeah, you're happy you made it with no scratches and yeah you made friendships that will last a lifetime (I call them my Other Family) you made mistakes, you met people you are not proud of, you did things you are not proud of, you were inspired and you probably inspire someone...But the day has come to exit the protected walls of college life and emerge into the ever growing, fast paced, corrupted life of Adulthood...And I'm not talking about being able to drive or drink..that is not adulthood, don't kid yourselves. I'm talking about getting a job, being responsible for your own bills, having to deal with taxes, not being able to go out every night, getting up at the crack of dawn and trying to actually for the first time save some money. Cause let me tell you, at some point your parents will stop feeding you and dressing you. So, control your spending, that should be the first lesson in your adult life. But, other than that being a graduate is just peachy. Yeah....funner than ever...and I'm talking from experience. I graduated on February and I got a job....NOT. It's been three months and nothing has come up. They either don't call you or want you to work as an Intern for six months.....and yes I'm all about Internships and gaining knowledge but six months are too much too many, especially in the times that we're living. If I was still a student I would have taken the position. But know I need to make a living.....I have plans that I need to make happen...But since there's no money, there will probably be no honey.....
So, I'm letting you with that either start early on your work experience or NEVER LEAVE COLLEGE.....

Yeah, being a Graduate sucks.........for know at least.


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  1. I would love to disagree.. but this stands for a while, but when you get that thrill of working, or success in any job, it motivates you to try harder and accept this challenge of "adulthood" or after college life.

    That too; my dear, ( or "date") shall pass....